Atriums, lanterns & roof lights

Our structures offer many shapes, sizes and uses, allowing you to add an interesting new feature to your home or transform it completely.

In addition to conservatories and orangeries, we design atriums, lanterns and roof lights. Aluminium is the optimum material for projects like this. It is light and yet incredibly strong and durable, allowing for more glass to be used in your design; resulting in a living space that lets all the natural light in and a feeling that you’re living outdoors, with nothing to inhibit your view.

Lanterns and roof lights

Lanterns and rooflights are a stunning way to transform your home and many of our customers favour this design when considering a kitchen and dining extension. There’s nothing better than natural light to set the tone for a space and create a room you truly enjoy spending time in.

Because of their high walls and glazed roofs, these structures are notoriously hard to reach for maintenance. It is reassuring then that, unlike wood, our aluminium structures require little maintenance other than the occasional clean.

There’s no need to be concerned about the space getting too hot during the summer months; we employ the same ventilation techniques to our roof lights and lanterns as we do to our conservatories to ensure year round use.


Historically, an atrium was an open space or courtyard within a building, originating in classical Roman architecture, but it was open to the elements.

We have interpreted this with our glazed structures that transform a space; creating a light-filled area in the heart of the home for you to enjoy. Atriums are increasingly popular structures for making use of an existing and perhaps under-used space, just with the clever use of a glazed structure which allows natural light to flood in.

There are always lots of options to consider when choosing an extension. Our designers will be with you every step of the way, providing expert advice, even after your project is completed.


We have combined our passion for fine design, gardens and architecture with the strengths and experience of Alitex Manufacturing, the market-leading makers of beautiful aluminium greenhouses, to produce beautiful garden rooms in aluminium.


Choosing a Colour

Marston & Langinger can offer whatever you want from a wide spectrum of colours, from classic shades of white through to muted greens, greys and browns, inspired by our home set in the South Downs. Your choice is almost limitless.



You’re thinking of embarking on a major project so you will have lots of questions about garden rooms and building regulations. Here are some of the most common questions that our customers ask.