Everyone has their own interpretation of a conservatory. A Marston & Langinger conservatory has a glass roof and walls and is built as an extension attached to your existing property, traditionally by one side. Sometimes a typically traditional look is not quite right for a property or may not be to your taste. From our gallery, you can see the breadth of design we can realise by using aluminium, be it traditional, contemporary or something in between.

Your conservatory should enhance your living environment; creating a new space for you to enjoy and form a seamless transition between your garden and house.

Transform your home

Picture yourself on a lazy Saturday morning; the whole weekend ahead of you to enjoy your precious time. Our conservatories allow you to do just that, within a beautiful living space. Your conservatory will have been designed with you in mind. Beyond the traditional sun room, you can use your space as a separate entertaining area, a dining room to wow guests or even an office.

Once you’ve considered what you want to use your conservatory for, we use our expertise combined with high quality aluminium to realise your dream.

Peaceful new room

Perhaps you’re unsure of the style and feel you want from your conservatory. At this stage, we will share lots of designs of existing structures to spark a little inspiration. We also have lots of happy customers all over the country and would be delighted to arrange a visit for you. Take a look at our gallery for some design inspiration.

Big dreams in small spaces

There’s no reason to be limited by a small space. We have designed a number of bespoke conservatories to fit small or restrictive spaces that bring a wealth of new space. Often, unused small outdoor areas can be far better utilised as a living space, providing much needed room to grow.

Read our case study of a stunning kitchen diner extension built within a compact garden.

Link conservatories

A link conservatory connects two separate spaces or buildings using a glazed glass structure, creating ease of access without having to face the elements when moving from one room to the other. Whilst linking two buildings, it can also serve to connect the garden with the home, creating a stunning vista inside and out.


We have combined our passion for fine design, gardens and architecture with the strengths and experience of Alitex Manufacturing, the market-leading makers of beautiful aluminium greenhouses, to produce beautiful garden rooms in aluminium.


Choosing a Colour

Marston & Langinger can offer whatever you want from a wide spectrum of colours, from classic shades of white through to muted greens, greys and browns, inspired by our home set in the South Downs. Your choice is almost limitless.



You’re thinking of embarking on a major project so you will have lots of questions about garden rooms and building regulations. Here are some of the most common questions that our customers ask.