Move House or Improve Your Home?

By 11th July 2017Advice

It’s important to weigh out your options when it comes to moving house. You need to ask yourself if you can improve your beloved home instead of spending several months or maybe even years, trying to find a replacement.

Ask yourself; is it possible to extend the kitchen or dining room? Could you build a free standing garden room instead? Perhaps you could open up the lounge?

There are lots of options to improve your current, well loved home. We’ve chosen a few of our favourite projects where people have successfully improved their home and provided an exciting new space to enjoy.

Do you wish for a larger kitchen that provides you with space, not just for cooking but also for entertaining and dining with friends? Our conservatories can be used to extend any part of your home, whether it be the kitchen or even the living room.



If you’re keen on al fresco dining, than perhaps an external garden room is the way forward? This structure provides space for relaxing, dining and escaping every day chores. With bifold doors on three sides it naturally blends the indoor barrier whilst still supplies you with shelter for cooler evenings.


Feel closer to nature and surround yourself with greenery in an orangery; they provide light and space where plants flourish. The roof lantern allows you to feel the sun on your face as you sit back and relax. You also have the option to enjoy lazy breakfasts and relaxing drinks.


A garden room is what you interpret it to be; you could create an art studio, a plant room, an indoor pool. Take a look around our website for inspiration, view our gallery and case studies page for an abundance of images that will help create your own vision for your project.