Origins of the Orangery

By 31st July 2017Structures

The history of an orangery

The orangery originated from the renaissance gardens of Italy, with the first being built in Padua during 1545. Orangeries were a practical invention, dedicated to protecting orange trees and other citrus fruits during winter.

After a century, other varieties of tender and exotic plants were accommodated in the orangery along with the addition of stove heaters for the upkeep of these delicate plants. As time went on, hot water pipes were built beneath the floors, fountains furnished the centres and the wealthy held evening soirées under the luxurious glass lanterns.

As time went on, orangeries became widely fashionable and imported fruits became generally more available and much cheaper, orangeries were then used for more decorative and ornamental plants.

The structure of an orangery

Orangeries were generally built south-facing, featuring large tall windows to maximise light ingress. The north walls were built without windows, in a very solid brick to keep the room insulated. Occasionally north walls would feature small windows but insulation was a big concern, so straw and wooden shutters were fitted to keep in the warmth.

Modern, domestic orangeries are also typically built using stone or brick, and due to developments in glass, glazing and insulation technologies have produced viable alternatives to traditional construction. Improved design and insulation has also led to an increase in orangeries that are not south-facing, instead they use light maximising techniques, making the most of available natural sunlight.

A Marston & Langinger orangery

We create bespoke designs, considering the architectural heritage of an orangery building, as well as the style of your property to ensure the end result perfectly complements your home. Your options are endless with our flexible design service, if you want to create a room for relaxing surrounded by plants or even if you want a space for entertaining and ‘evening soirĂ©es’.

Your Marston & Langinger orangery will be built using our improved technologies from the glass roof right down to the floor, whether it be a unique shape for the lantern or adding under floor heating, our designers will ensure that your structure is designed to meet your brief.

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