Five Steps to Create an Autumnal Centrepiece

By 24th October 2017Trends

Give your dining table an autumnal makeover with our simple guide to creating a DIY centrepiece.

You will need:

  • Bendy twigs (such as weeping birch branches)
  • Thin red twigs with leaves (such as red stem dogwood)
  • Greenery, leaves or ivy
  • 2-3 pumpkins
  • 3 ornamental gourds
  • 2 tree trunk slices
  • Secateurs
  • Brown string
  • Tealights
  • Jam jars
  1. Place your tree stumps in the centre of the table. Start by bending your first set of twigs around one of the stumps, it helps to twist one twig over the end of another. Continue to do so until it goes the whole way around one of the stumps. If you’re having trouble bonding them together, you can use string to hold them in place.
  2. Twist in some of the red twigs to add a bit of colour. Then repeat step 1 for the second stump.
  3. Place your pumpkins and gourds onto the stumps, spreading them across to create an even amount of colour through the centrepiece.
  4. Add your greenery to fill in the gaps around the pumpkins.
  5. Place your tealights in jam jars (if you’re worried about the flames you can use LED tealights). Dot the jam jars around the tree stumps and light the candles.

Tip: We also added a few red flowers to add a pop of colour.

It’s the ideal craft activity for the holidays and you can have loads of fun personalising it. Go on, wow your guests and mirror the bounties of the season.