A Christmas Collection of Decadent Decorations

By 12th December 2017Trends

As Christmas approaches, why not get into the festive spirit by decorating your home and conservatory. Here are a few inspirational ideas that can come in handy, so turn on your Christmas playlist and let’s get started.

Frosty the Snowman

In this month’s issue of Country Living Magazine, they share their idea of what it means to “Dream of a White Christmas”. Imagine bringing frosty white snow, icy blue lakes and beautiful winter nights into your conservatory. Below we’ve shared a few accent pieces, accessories and Christmas decorations to make your home breathtakingly beautiful, whilst you enjoy a warming mug of hot chocolate.

The fire is so delightful

Warm up your home with this copper opulence look by Cox & Cox. To lift a neutral colour scheme, warm copper tones are perfect, contemporary and on trend. Why not introduce it into your conservatory to create a classic and bold appearance, mix it with a pop of gold to highlight and you have modern theme for hosting guests and celebrating this joyous occasion.

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas

Everyone loves a classic at Christmas, whether it’s your favourite festive song or movie, with the same traditional Christmas decorations that get unboxed year after year, you can’t go wrong. At Marston & Langinger, we adore a fluffy Christmas tree with the traditional bold colours: berry red, eucalyptus green and copper that was done by the Ideal Show Homes. They assembled a room set that emphasized a stunning yet timeless space with decorations that compliment each other, creating a family and heartwarming atmosphere that no one can refuse. We love these details below, they accentuate the most traditional elements.

All details and photos credited to Cox & Cox, we just love their luxurious decorations and beautiful festive themes.