Let The Light In

By 11th January 2018Structures, Trends

Light is a powerful resource, it’s easy to forget how fast it travels (299,792 km per second) and in theory, nothing can travel any faster. Not only is light impressive, but it is also a massive part of our daily routine. We wake up at sunrise, take walks in the sunshine (or fresh winter haze) and head to bed just after sunset, we turn on the lights when it gets dark and light candles to change the atmosphere; yet daylight itself has the biggest impact on our lives. It has the power to alter our mood, provide our bodies with essential nutrition and motivate productivity.

Whilst daylight is so important for nature, it’s also important in our homes and how we use our space to make the most of it. Our roof lanterns have been designed to maximise light ingress, making use of aluminium’s light weight, durable and incredibly strong properties. For this reason, we are able to use more glass in the design, resulting in a living space that lets all the natural light in and a feeling that you are living closer with the outdoors, with nothing to inhibit your view of blue skies and starry nights.

7 Reasons to Let The Light In

  1. Natural light can alter your mood – it spikes your serotonin levels and induces happiness, along with increasing productivity and concentration.
  2. Improves the atmosphere – it can transform your space by making it feel calmer and more peaceful, it will also impact your experience within the environment.
  3. Health benefits – sunlight benefits claim to lower blood pressure and cholesterol, increase Vitamin D, serotinin levels and build the immune system – all a valid reason to let the light in, yet that doesn’t mean you don’t need to go outside. Glass will block the wavelength of certain rays, making them less effective.
  4. Reduces energy bills – with a roof lantern you will be able to make the most of natural light, spending less on artificial lighting.
  5. Lowers your carbon footprint – as with point 4, you’ll also be spending less on your energy bills as you make use of the energy efficient glazing to keep out the cold.
  6. Ventilation – our roof lanterns are designed using the same ventilation technology as our conservatories, to ensure year-round use. Your space will remain cool and inviting, even on the hottest of summer days.
  7. Perceived space – with a never ending ceiling, it’s inevitable that your room will feel larger, especially with aerial views that set the tone of your space.