Blendworth in the Garden

By 12th February 2018Trends

Our show site is open to everyone, so we were delighted when Blendworth Interiors got in touch regarding a photo shoot in our conservatory and garden room. Blendworth create beautiful collections that are unique and distinctive.

We welcomed Blendworth ahead of the launch of their new collection, ‘Library’. They captured their beautifully designed fabrics, upholstered chairs, cushions, curtains and accessories in a range of our structures. Created with a range of marker pens, gouache and acrylic paints, the designs are intricately hand drawn and bursting with reeds and rushes, water iris and hellebores, which complement the kingfishers and bee-eaters. The fabrics set naturally into the surroundings of the garden room, blending with flowers and plants.

“Library offers an insight and revitalisation of the Blendworth archive never seen before. The archive is an eclectic mix dating back almost a century; many of its previous cloths were only recently discovered and lovingly restored.”