Book Review: Garden Style by Selina Lake

By 1st May 2018Trends

As homeowners, it is important to find happiness in your home. It doesn’t require huge amounts of time and money to add a little charm and character. This month we have been reading Selina Lake’s latest book: Garden Style – it combines the art of creating a quirky and alluring garden with confronting the indoor-outdoor barrier. She’s money savvy and knows her way around a reclamation yard, this book is perfect for finding inspiration to transform your garden.

If you need a reason to buy this book, other than to style your garden, it’s ideal for those who love to look at beautiful garden pictures, botanical prints and the most impressive potting sheds. It’s also for you if you’re looking for gardens to visit, easy to grow plant suggestions, flowers in vintage glass bottles or event Instagrammer recommendations. Selina has covered every aspect that your inner horticultural and interior ego will love.

Inside the front cover

As we begin to flick through, we are enchanted by the beautiful imagery, it gives us that thrill or getting out into the garden, even with the late start to spring. Selina recalls her childhood memories of playing in the garden and helping her Dad with the chores, the inspiration that led to her ever-increasing love for plants. Having inherited a neglected plot in her first home, she and her husband set to work to transform the space. This experience has provided the book with numerous tips and projects that you can apply to your own garden.

Selina introduces us to the term ‘Gardenalia’ – used to describe vintage collectibles related to gardens and gardening. Choosing a vintage galvanized watering can will bring much satisfaction, use it to fill little nooks around the garden that need a bit of mysterious charm.

3 Tips we’ve learnt for transforming outdoor spaces

  1. It doesn’t matter what size your garden is, it’s your own creativity that will help bring it to life
  2. No garden is complete without a variety of pots; choose from a range of sizes, colours and shapes to inexpensively rejuvenate your garden
  3. Use height to achieve more space and increase the appearance of your garden size

3 Tips to bring the outside in

  1. Cut flowers and foliage look beautiful in a range of mixed colour vintage glass vases – it also brings the season indoors and brightens up the room
  2. Using green paint on walls or wooden cupboards enhances the room with a botanical feel
  3. Garden rooms create extra space for entertaining, living and relaxing – you still need to consider the decoration and style to achieve your desired vibe

The final moment

As we reach the final pages, we feel rich with knowledge about how to transform our garden. Selina has covered every aspect from inspirational gardens and easy-to-grow plants to choosing the right furniture and dining al-fresco. We could go on and on about every little detail buried in this book… but we wouldn’t want to spoil your own experience. One last thought – it’s everything we’d hope and want for our own gardens.

*This is not a sponsored post. You can buy the book from a variety of retailers. RRP £19.99 ISBN: 978-1-84975-925-0