Creating the ‘WOW’ Factor With Plants in Your Conservatory

By 13th August 2018Advice

Your Marston & Langinger conservatory will currently be looking its best; plants will be thriving and flowering will be at its peak. Mediterranean plants, including bougainvillea thrive in these balmy heated conditions, unlike the garden plants that will have suffered under the hosepipe ban.

There are many ways you can ensure that your conservatory looks beautiful throughout the summer. Below, I have highlighted a few of my favourite plants to consider.


  • To get height, I’ve positioned my Ficus Benjamina in the corner. Commonly known as the weeping fig, this tree has graceful drooping branchlets and glossy leaves. It does best in bright, sunny conditions, but it’s not fussy and will tolerate a bit of shade. During the summer, it requires a moderate amount of watering, it should be protected from strong drafts and may require drastic pruning before it takes over your conservatory.
  • By adding a range of leafy green plants into your conservatory you will be guaranteed texture throughout the year. There are so many indoor plants that will thrive in direct sunlight including pelargoniums, succulents, aloe’s and palms. Simply by placing them in their favoured conditions they will thrive and flourish, whilst adding texture when entwined with flowering plants.


  • I have grouped some geraniums together, this creates more of an impact with their bold colours and distinctive citrus-like scents and rose notes. Geraniums are both popular and easy to grow and maintain. They are great pot fillers and can even become climbers or trailers.
  • Other plants that have beautiful scents include stephanotis, jasminoides and cyclamens – be careful when choosing the plants to not overpower another scent or enable them to compete off one another.


  • By placing my bougainvillea’s together, they create a vibrant statement. I have several varieties to provide a range of colours, include Afterglow Orange, Elizabeth Angus and Java White.
  • Next to the Ficus Benjamina I have placed a Hibiscus Sinensis – they produce showy blooms of large yellow flowers and have a beautifully deep green foliage. The flower typically only last a day, but their tropical appearance is perfectly maintained within the conservatories conditions.
  • For a real showstopper, I love Dipladenia. They bloom heaviest in summer, and sporadically throughout the rest of the year. They love the conservatory for its sunlight and warmth.
  • To create a little contract with the warm colours and pinky hues, Plectranthus have dark leaves and bluey-purple flowers. They need a little shade, but do not require much maintenance, no pruning just well-drained, moist soil.

To finish, I have a few monthly reminders

  1. Beware! The downside to all this lovely weather it that the bugs will be thriving too –mealy bugs are particularly keen on these conditions and thrive on dead leaves. As advised in last month’s post, be vigilant on your watering routine.
  2. Put them outside… If possible, move some of your plants to help solve the bug problem. With the hot weather, almost all of your conservatory plants will survive and thrive in your garden during summers like this.
  3. Feed them. Don’t forget to feed plants weekly with a general fertiliser. You’ll get more flowers and they’ll last a lot longer this way.