Autumn in the Conservatory

By 11th October 2018Advice

Summer is very much over and we’ve been experiencing a few blustery days down South. I always know when autumn is coming because my efficient Marston & Langinger roof vents are closing earlier as the evenings draw in. The roof blinds, which have been a huge bonus this hot summer are due for a rest, your plants need all the daylight they can get.

Autumnal Opportunities

  1. There is still time to take geranium cuttings. They will root easily when placed in a small flower pot with the help of a little rooting powder.
  2. Plectranthus, commonly known as spurflowers and an ornamental member of the mint family, are another rewarding plant to take cuttings from. Place a non-flowering shoot in a small flower pot and cover with a polythene bag, they will root easily.
  3. Fuchsia, both hard and half-hardy perennial varieties root easily. Take a non-flowering shoot, remove the bottom leaves and trim the stem off just below the leaf node. This should be inserted into your rooting medium, half way up the stem – if they have taken they will root in early spring.

Watering tips

  1. Cut down on the amount of water you give all your plants in the conservatory
  2. Over watering does more damage in the cold months than you would think
  3. Bougainvillea need even less water in the winter – keep it to the minimum

Splashes of colour

  1. During October, in a pot just larger than the bulb, plant Amaryllis bulbs and cover with two thirds soil. They will add a bit of tropical colour 6-8 weeks after planting. Keep them in an even temperature, between 20-25°c until they start to shoot – an airing cupboard will do, and then move them to a warm conservatory.
  2. Invest in a dipladenia plant, always reliable for colour most of the year with vibrant pink trumpets and deep green, shiny foliage.
  3. If you haven’t got lots of space for cuttings or propagating in your conservatory, a simple way to add some colour is with a bright centrepiece – add a splash of yellow with sunflower from the garden, or a variety of colours with pink and red cyclamens.

You know my bug phobia? Don’t let them spend a cosy winter in your conservatory, be vigilant and spray!