Marston & Langinger Paint is Back

By 2nd January 2019Interviews, Trends
Painted glass bottles with labels sticking out

“First, let’s clear-up the queries about our name. Marston & Langinger is quite a mouthful. So, let’s skip the formalities, we’re happy to be called M&L Paints”.

M&L Paints now sits within the Alitex family, alongside Alitex greenhouses and Marston & Langinger Gardens Rooms. Revived by a family firm sharing the same ethos for tradition and a similar passion for fine quality products, the commitment from Alitex ensures that M&L Paint will continue to create colour and enhance emotions for years to come.

The M&L Palette consists of everyone’s favourite 84 original colours, plus a further 36 hand-picked from the archives and the historical Country Living collaboration, to make up a new range of 120 diverse colours. The palette is inspired by the spectrum of colours found in classic architecture and the natural world.

The palette includes bold and vibrant shades such as ‘Lulu’, a vivid mid-tone orange, not far from 2019’s Pantone colour of the year Living Coral and Gladio, bold and brave inspired by the multi-coloured Gladius, the perennial cormous flowering plant.

On the cooler side of the spectrum we have ‘Polar Blue’, a fresh shade with the slightest green undertone creating an icier feel and ‘Cucumber’, cool and muted this shade resembles the pared-down version of the deep green cucumber skin.

In addition, the M&L palette also includes a reassuring selection of whites and neutrals. Warm whites are not only easy on the eye, they also work wonders at bringing light into dark spaces, whilst neutrals are perfect for creating a timeless and practical space. Whether you are seeking a traditional or contemporary look, both whites and neutrals are easy to complement offering true flexibility in creating welcoming spaces.

Working with the finest colour chemists and technical experts, M&L Paints has worked towards developing a palette that will satisfy even the most meticulous designers and decorators. The cornerstones of quality for M&L Paints are the beguiling intensity of colour, strength of pigment and opacity.

You can find out more about M&L Paints on our new website: