Let the Light Shine Through With the Addition of a Roof Lantern

By 17th January 2019Advice, Structures

A roof lantern is a stylish accessory that makes a world of difference to a property extension or conservatory, no matter the design and aesthetic of the existing structure. You will have heard about the benefits of roof lanterns and how they can bring in plenty of light to the structure applied to, but what about the benefits to the rest of your property?

Light will pour into the space the roof lantern is installed, but depending on the angle of installation it can make a big difference to the rest of your home at the same time, bringing light into areas that just wouldn’t be possible through the traditional, smaller windows.

More light ingress can make the rest of the home seem much larger than it usually does. Natural light is welcoming, warm and can transform dark and dreary corners of the home. The knock-on effect of this is to create a living space that is used more often by all the family, as light is present for longer during the day.

It also encourages a more thoughtful approach to your energy consumption, with light and heating costs lower due to more natural light, the space feels warmer space as a consequence. Not only that, but an elegant roof lantern can add a certain level of style to your property.

At Marston & Langinger we design aluminium roof lights that are stylish, durable and strong. It lets the natural light into your home with the use of more glass surfaces and helps you to create an environment that feels like the outdoors, with nothing to inhibit your view of the outside.

If you would like to speak with an expert member of the Marston & Langinger team about our roof lantern design service contact us today. Call 01243 214550 or email enquiries@marstonandlanginger.com and we’ll be happy to assist you.