Planning Your Conservatory Gardening Year

By 1st February 2019Advice
Plant conservatory interior

It’s time to start bringing your conservatory to life with a variety of different coloured plants and foliage. Now is the perfect opportunity before the rest of your garden starts to wake up.

Take advantage of the warmth in your Marston & Langinger conservatory, it’s the perfect climate for starting off Sweet Peas and Gazanias from seed.

Potted plants

Amaryllis Flowers on table top in ML ConservatoryAmaryllis are amongst one of the easiest flowering bulbs to grow. Originating from South America’s tropical regions, these large flowers are a bright and colourful. Place the roots of the bulb in lukewarm water for a few hours before planting, transfer into nutritious compost and within 8-10 weeks you should begin flowering.
Top tip: plant bulbs at 2 week intervals for a continuous bloom.

Clivias, which come from South Africa, make for a striking conservatory plant. They are frost tender and can be damaged during low temperatures – keep them dry and out of direct sunlight to ensure they provide beautiful showy blooms later on.


Now is the ideal time to take some cuttings from your existing plants.

Pelargoniums – whilst you can take cuttings from the Pelargonium family at any time as they have no dormancy and grow for twelve months of the year, it allows you to get a little more green fingered during these colder months whilst the garden is occupied with frost and snow.

3 steps to the perfect Pelargonium cuttings:

  1. Cut a short cutting, just above the leaf joint on the main stem – strip off the leaves
  2. Insert the cutting into warm, damp compost
  3. Keep the cuttings in a light dry atmosphere and within a few weeks they should have rooted!

Pruning Trees and Vines

Whilst trying to steer clear of the winter colds, watch out for the dreaded mealy bug, especially when it comes to Bougainvilleas. If you do need to control the conservatory climate and fumigate those bugs out, I’ve got some top tips here.

February is a good time to prune your Bougainvilleas in order for them to keep their shape. Keep them near to dry to promote better flowering during the Spring.
Top tip: Bear in mind, they flower on new season’s growth.

Olive Trees in the conservatory

For a lasting impression, why not place an Olive Tree in your garden room? They can take any amount of pruning and leave quite an impression. They’ll also add a hint of the Mediterranean into the room.

During these cold months, keep the conservatory well-ventilated, possibly by using an overhead ceiling fan to circulate the air – and on sunny mornings, open the windows slightly.

Think of the whole project as a painting. Colour and competition are the key. Sketch out a layout plan and be daring with those bright colours.