Five Ways To Transform Your Tired Kitchen In Time For Spring

By 20th February 2019Advice
Marston & Langinger Spring Kitchen

No matter the size of your kitchen, a complete renovation is quite a big investment, especially when you take into consideration the cost of new units, professional fitting and any necessary plumbing and electrical work. In most cases, the kitchen you already have is perfectly functional but just needs freshening up.

After many years of frequent use, it’s no surprise that kitchens can get damaged and deteriorate. Thankfully, there are numerous ways that you can give your kitchen a whole new lease of life without having to break the bank.

Fit A New Backsplash

Old tiles can discolour over time which will date the look of your kitchen. Although this is a relatively small investment, it can have a huge impact on your kitchen and give it a refreshing lift. Subway tiles are very popular as they can look great in almost any kitchen and have a timeless design which won’t date past trends.

If you want to add a splash of colour, then look for mismatched or bright tiles which can be arranged in any order and create a feature within your kitchen. You can also choose tiles which will compliment the colours or worktops already in your kitchen.

Liven Up Bare Windows

Underutilised or bare window spaces can make a kitchen feel cold and uninviting. Transform your kitchen windows into instant greenhouses with a few potted herbs and plants. Thanks to the direct sunlight, plants left on kitchen windowsills will flourish – not only providing you with fresh herbs to add to your dishes, but your kitchen will smell lovely.

Kitchens are often underused sunspots, depending on which way your kitchen is facing. Having the right curtain and blind fittings will make all the difference to the look and feel of your kitchen, whilst also providing some privacy and shielding from the sun. Certain types of blinds, such as intu blinds and venetian blinds, are the most popular choices and don’t require much drilling or screwing into your kitchen walls.

Refresh Your Storage Solutions

There is nothing worse than a cluttered kitchen. We instantly become drawn to flat spaces when looking for somewhere to dump post or knick-knacks when in a rush, meaning that your kitchen is likely to be a hotspot for clutter and junk. The kitchen is the heart of the home and thanks to recent Instagram superstars such as Marie Kondo and Mrs. Hinch, our homes are becoming organised and loved again.

If you want to organise your kitchen, then you need to take a good look at the kitchen you currently have. Is this the kitchen for the chef or baker that you aspire to, or is it just a “make-do” kitchen? Prioritise your space and invest in the kitchen equipment that you need. Don’t complicate your organising, instead focus on the things that you actually need and have a use for.

Treat Your Sink To Some TLC

Think about how much time you spend at your sink, then look at the condition of your sink. If you think it needs an update, then it will have a huge effect on your kitchen’s style. If you use your kitchen a lot and find yourself constantly wiping down the sides, then an undermount sink will make it so much easier as it sits just under the countertop. If you can’t afford to replace the whole sink, then why not just replace the taps? There are so many different styles and shapes of kitchen tap to choose from depending on your usage, that you may struggle to find just one.

Fresh Coat Of Paint

Although not a revolutionary idea, a fresh coat of paint in the kitchen is a huge game-changer. When was the last time that you gave your kitchen a fresh paint job? It may well be time to get the rollers and paintbrushes out. If you don’t have the budget to change your whole kitchen, then choose a colour which will refresh everything else in the room.

If your cabinets are white or pale grey, then why not choose a colour which is darker to create contrast? Avoid adding too many colours into your kitchen. It’s best to stick to a simple palette with just a few shades to freshen it up and make it feel much cleaner and organised. Here at Marston & Langinger, we have a wide range of different colours, finishes and tones to make choosing the perfect paint that bit easier. Request a colour card today and get planning!