Your Planning Permission Questions Answered

By 27th February 2019Advice
Planning Permission Advice for your conservatory

Need advice on your conservatory planning application? We can help. We offer a comprehensive planning service that takes care of everything for you. Alternatively, we can assist you or your architect when applying for planning permission.

Below, we’ve covered some of the common questions we get asked about planning permissions – if we haven’t answered yours, send an email to and we’ll be happy to help.

When would I need to obtain planning permission?

If your property is Listed, in an AONB, Conservation Area, or National Park then there is a good chance planning will be necessary, regardless of the size of the structure. A good starting point to check if planning is required is to use the Planning Portal website.

What does the Marston & Langinger planning service entail?

We will carry out a basic survey of the property to produce the application drawings that show the house before and after the addition of a conservatory. This will then be followed by completion of the application forms and supporting documents submitted to the Local Authority. We will be in communication with the appointed case officer throughout the process to the final decision.

How long does it take for the planning application to be approved?

Typically, once the application is registered allow 8-10 weeks.

What if I want to sort out the planning permission myself?

This is possible. We can provide you with the planning drawings and you can submit the application yourself. The most popular method is to use the Planning Portal website.

However, we would recommend that we handle the application just from an experience point of view as we do this on a regular basis and have a very high success rate. We can also use our library of similar completed structures to help support the application.

How do I approach planning permission – who do I need to contact?

You can appoint an architect or design consultant if your proposals involve alterations to the property as well as the addition of a conservatory.
If you are only adding a conservatory but also creating an opening into it, then it may not be necessary to involve an architect, as these are only minor building alterations. In this instance we are happy to work with you and your builder to complete the planning application drawings.

What information is good to prepare for the application?

Once a concept scheme has been agreed then it may be worth informing your neighbours out of courtesy, especially if there is likely to be an impact to them before the application is submitted.

What are your top tips to consider when applying for planning permission?

Be patient, it is a relatively straightforward process and in most cases dealt with efficiently.

If your application is complex, don’t assume you won’t get planning permission, it just may take a bit longer.

If you have a conservatory project in mind and want to know more, you can request our brochure here – or give us a call on 01243 215 440.