The Benefits of a Conservatory

By 12th April 2019Advice

There are many benefits to adding a conservatory to your property; not only can it increase the value of your home, but it also adds extra living space whilst providing flexibility for how you want to use it.

The Evolution of a Conservatory

The word conservatory derives from the Italian word ‘Conservato’ meaning stored or preserved, with the Latin word ‘ory’ meaning a place for. They were originally designed as a non-glazed structure used for storing food, however they later became glazed to conserve and protect plants from cold weather.

The modern day conservatory is now used as an extension to the living or dining space. One side is often attached to the house, whilst the other three look out onto the garden. The structure is double glazed and mainly consists of glass, to make up the windows, doors and roof.

Aluminium Conservatory Benefits

Marston & Langinger’s reputation was founded upon high-quality wooden structures. Although wooden conservatories do look beautiful, they come with several drawbacks that require lengthy maintenance work. Today we have created the same beautiful designs using aluminium, making them durable, low-maintenance and built to last a lifetime.

  • Choosing a conservatory over an extension can allow you to increase light ingress whilst providing more living space.
  • It has many flexible uses, whether you want to use it as a kitchen extension, a private dining room, living room or office – the opportunities are endless.
  • A conservatory provides a space that blends the indoor and outdoor barrier. Choosing a neutral colour means your eye will not focus on the frame, but will be drawn into the garden and beyond.
  • A conservatory can be a separate room from your home, it can be separated by doors, or can be free-standing as its own private space.
  • The aluminium design considers the elements that make a conservatory enjoyable to use all year-round. The ventilation is highly important to allow for use throughout the height of summer, and the heating advice we provide ensures you can use it throughout the depths of winter.

Marston & Langinger offer the best of both worlds. Our aluminium structures remove the need for costly maintenance and repainting with no compromise on a beautiful finish with the finest detail. Click here to request our free brochure filled with inspiration for your own project.