4 Places to Find Design Inspiration when Renovating or Extending Your Home

By 16th April 2019Advice
A conservatory filled with lots of plants and pops of pink bougainvillea colour.

When renovating your home it’s important to find inspiration from a number of places. Trends differ throughout the seasons, so you want to ensure that the colour scheme, or the style you are thinking of following will last without fear of looking tired or needing updating.

1 Magazines

Magazines are full of design inspiration and trends. Use them for determining colour schemes and combinations that work well. They provide lots of advice and tips that can ensure you approach your project with care and consideration. We’ve listed a few of our favourites below:

2 Pinterest

Social media is a great way to engage with interior design content and discover how others approach renovation projects. From building a conservatory kitchen extension to redecorating living rooms, Pinterest has a wide range of styles and images throughout the seasons that can provide inspiration for colour schemes and interior styles. Save your favourites and start creating a mood board.

3 Catalogues

Brochures and catalogues from companies you are thinking of working with will showcase previous projects they have worked on, giving you a feel for their style. Our new Marston & Langinger brochure displays a selection of conservatories, garden rooms and orangery projects we have designed and built specifically for our clients. Our brochure demonstrates how you can use the structures, whether you want a kitchen extension, private dining space, living room, games room or even as a pool cover.

4 Holidays (Hotels)

Hotels and holidays are the perfect place for gathering inspiration if you are looking to inject a hint of escape to your space. Different destinations often use their own colour combinations to create a unique feel, making your holiday memorable. If replicating an idyllic atmosphere, reminiscent of your holiday is appealing to you, take pictures to refer to once you are home.

Start gathering your inspiration and compiling them into a mood or design board. Whether you are considering a building project, such as a conservatory or renovating a loved space, imagery is crucial and can help visualise your project, also providing you with a reference point throughout the stages of its development.