Bring The Outdoors Inside: Linking Your Home & Garden

By 29th April 2019Advice

Nature is hugely relaxing and can bring a sense of comfort to our mindset, so by adding aspects of nature to your interior design, you can create a natural living space which is unique to you and your home. Whether you have a new build home or just want to transform your home and garden space in time for summer, linking the indoors with the outdoors is an easy way to get the most out of your living space.

Gardens have some wonderful amenities and when linked with your interior living areas, will create an airy space which feels much bigger. If you are wanting to bring the outdoors into your home, then here are some handy tips.

Make The Most Of Natural Light

If the room which backs onto your garden is blessed with a lot of natural light or large windows, then this should be a feature that you focus on. When creating a seamless link between your home and garden, it is always a plus when you can see directly into your garden. This makes it easier to create a beautiful transition from your home to the outdoors, and vice versa.

If you have a conservatory or garden room that lets in a lot of natural light, then you should use this to your full advantage by decluttering windowsills and adding in light coloured curtains or blinds. If you want to mirror this look in your garden and create some natural lighting ambience, then the addition of decorative lighting, such as candles, lanterns and torches can create a cosy setup for those dusky summer evenings.

Use Accessories To Their Full Advantage

Accessories are perfect for adding hints of style and character into your home, so why not use this same idea for your garden? Forget the traditional gnomes and water features, there are plenty of wonderful ways in which you can add the same sense of style to your garden as you can to your home. If your interior design choices have formed a particular theme, then it’s easy to mirror these within your garden.

Should you have a lot of neutral colours, tones and furniture in your living spaces, then add in the same colours and designs into your outdoor space. Concrete and greys work perfectly outdoors as they contrast with the bright colours of your garden, particularly when used for plant pots or patio accessories. If you have a conservatory which has a very relaxed feel, then invest in some wicker furniture which you can use both inside and outside, to truly link your home with your garden.

Create An Outdoor Living Room

If you love the summer months and enjoy sitting outdoors in the fresh air, then there is no better addition to your garden than an outdoor living room. Whilst they may seem low-maintenance and carefree, building and creating a space which is the perfect extension of your home within your garden can come with some issues which, if overlooked, will create issues.

If you want to use the space for dining and entertaining, then you must ensure it is as welcoming as your indoor living or dining room. Soft furnishings, which are made from weather-resistant materials, are perfect if you are wanting to create a comfortable space. Make the space accessible, as walking to and from the house can soon become tiresome when entertaining guests who want their glasses refilled or check on your cooking. Whilst situating it near the back of your garden where the shade is, or in a sun trap, may seem like a good idea at the time, it’s always best to have it leading directly on from your home.

If you are looking to add extra space, or blend the indoor outdoor barrier then take a look at the range of garden rooms Marston & Langinger can design – the options are endless and can be tailored to your requirements.