Conservatory Flooring Advice

By 17th May 2019Advice
Interior Flooring Monochrome Tiles

Interior floors need to be practical and hard wearing, whilst enhancing the character of your home and garden room

When planning your interior flooring it’s important to remember that interior trends are seasonal and your flooring is something that needs to flow with the trends and last. The right flooring choice will act as a backdrop which complements the furniture and colours.

Flooring Options

  • Inside the garden room - brick flooringNatural stone tiles are elegant and timeless and are ideal for those wanting a cooler environment in the home. They are robust, practical and hard wearing. 
  • Wooden flooring adds warmth and character to your space. There are many factors to take into consideration when using wood in your conservatory such as the durability and maintenance.
  • Brick or brick pavers are perfect for adding a rustic feel. Bricks are ideal for creating patterns, by using a molded brick pavers you are likely to get them in a range of designs to create a unique layout.
  • Porcelain tiles are known to last for years as the top choice for durability. Whilst being low maintenance, porcelain can add a hint of luxury with their smooth textures and uniformity.

Flooring Themes

  • Monochrome Tiles can be striking and stylish. Depending on the material they are the perfect backdrop for creating a monochrome theme or for inserting pops of colour.
  • White and light neutral flooring is often used to create a light and airy feeling. Coloured furniture and soft furnishings stand out against white floors, use strategically placed lighting to add warmth.
  • Dark floors can make a room feel darker than it really is, but they are ideal for busy spaces that have a lot of footfall.

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