Choosing the Perfect Plant for Each Room in Your Home

By 29th August 2019Advice

Whether you’re making big changes to your home, such as adding a conservatory, or simply just sprucing up an individual room, choosing the right plants and adding them to your interior design is a fun part of the process. Houseplants are an excellent way to make your space feel finished and more like a home. By bringing the outdoors inside with a conservatory and plants, your room will feel open, light and become a space you’ll love to spend time in. Choosing houseplants is a great way to get creative in your home. To help you along the way here is our home plant buying guide.

Handmade Planter for the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and with a conservatory, the room can be extended and transformed into a light filled space, which is a perfect environment for your plants. Succulents and cacti are naturally found in dry, arid deserts, making them the perfect choice for a sunny conservatory or any light filled rooms in your house. Additionally, regardless of which type of plant you decide to go for, a handmade planter is a great way of putting your green thumb and creative side on display. Your succulents or even herbs could be held in your planters, adding detail and creativity to your kitchen.

Flowering Plants in the Living Room

Similarly, the living room is a place for socialising and spending time with friends and family, therefore, when choosing a plant for this room think of options that would make a nice focal piece. A lovely example might be a christmas cactus, jasmine or any other flowering plant. These plants do not require as much light as succulents, therefore making the living room a beneficial environment for them. Their colour and flowers will be a beautiful addition to your home.

Eye-catching Plants in the Dining Room

When you sit in your dining room, eye-catching plants create a fun, inviting atmosphere for you and your friends and family. Bird of Paradise and the Rubber Tree are two excellent options for this, however, they do need light. A conservatory or even a roof lantern would open up the room to substantially more sunlight allowing them to thrive.

Ferns in the Foyer

The foyer is a great place to fill with house plants in order to create a peaceful environment to come home to after a busy day. If your entrance is a slightly darker room, then a maidenhair fern is a great choice, as it is easy on the eyes and does not require large amounts of light. Alternatively, if you think that you might like to fill the space with light then a roof lantern is a great way to transform the room into a brighter environment.

When choosing any plant for your home, you should always make sure it is in the right environment and research the best way to care for it. With these suggestions in mind, you can start greening your home immediately.