Aluminium Conservatories Versus Wooden Conservatories

By 20th November 2019Advice
Conservatory attached to the house opening into the garden

Whether you are extending your home with a luxury conservatory or building a freestanding garden room, aluminium is a durable and low-maintenance choice. There are many significant benefits to using aluminium as a construction material.

Low-maintenance Conservatories

One of the most beneficial factors of investing in an aluminium conservatory is its low-maintenance properties. Unlike wood, your structure will not require any repainting, treatment or tedious maintenance work. The powder coating ensures the aluminium has a durable finish, long-lasting colour, and is weather and moisture resistant.

The occasional concern sometimes arises about aluminium being cold, or not as traditional in appearance as wood. However, with new technologies, including sympathetically designed thermally efficient extrusions, our team of experienced engineers design our structures to the highest specification to ensure the integrity of the structure, whilst retaining the classic wooden feel.

Thermally Broken Aluminium

As a metal, aluminium is a good conductor. Therefore, our aluminium profiles are thermally broken to create a non-conductive barrier that separates the inside aluminium from the outside. To create this thermal break, the internal and external profiles are extruded separately and then joined together with a polyamide. This process not only creates a highly efficient thermal frame, it also provides us with a huge advantage of dual colour – the interior profile can be powder coated in one colour, the exterior in another.

The Benefits of Aluminium

  • Durable
  • Strong
  • Weather resistant
  • Flexible design
  • Low-maintenance
  • It will not rust
  • Lots of colour choice
  • Dual colour possibility
  • Thermally Broken

For us and industry professionals, aluminium is the obvious choice, not only are we able to create beautifully designed structures, but our buildings will stand the test of time whilst drastically reducing the ongoing burden of maintenance. Find out more by requesting our garden room brochure.