Top Interior Design & Home Improvement Trends 2020

By 22nd January 2020Advice
Smoke Blue office desk with large windows

We’ve predicted the top home improvement designs and gathered some interior design trends that will inspire your decorating scheme this year.

Kitchen Extensions

One of the most popular building projects to improve your home is a kitchen extension. A luxury conservatory or orangery that utilises big glass doors and windows will create a generous open-plan design that lets the light in and increases your space.

Whilst expanding your kitchen may be the main aim, the colour and style are equally important. For colour inspiration, two-tone kitchens are proving popular. Often, people will choose to contrast white or dark counter tops with painted or wooden cupboards – yet a splash of colour, whether you choose a pastel shade or go bold with deep tones, will add character. Keep it in mind that minimalist kitchens are also in; less clutter creates a more sociable space for entertaining.

Classic Blue is 2020’s most wanted hue

The Pantone colour for the year is Classic Blue, so don’t be surprised if you start to see a lot more interiors featuring it this year. Its timeless, which fits with a lot of other trends we are seeing this year and luckily for us, it’s versatile for use throughout each room of your house. Classic Blue is a firm favourite for the bathroom, creates a soothing balance in bedrooms whilst the deeper tones are perfect for modernising your kitchen.


The rise of ‘Japandi’ – a clean, calm and harmonious style that blends Japanese and Scandi designs. This style celebrates simplicity and neutral tones with refined craftsmanship and is perfect for embracing a little minimalism in your home. Japan and Scandinavia both appreciate fine craftsmanship, they buy items that are made by hand, with care and will last.
Japandi also encourages sustainability, inspiring us to live with nature and seek out sustainable items. The modern-day ‘throwaway’ culture is all too common, but this trend embraces the traditions of disassembling items to replace only the part that is broken.


The change in our climate is becoming increasingly concerning and there’s plenty we can all be doing to play our part. Whether that’s choosing to buy what’s in season, supporting local producers or perhaps you’ve made a decision to invest a little more money into an item that will last a lifetime.

Our conservatories are an ideal representation of a product that will last a lifetime. They are made from aluminium, which is sustainably sourced, and the material itself is 100% recyclable. They are carefully designed and built to be low-maintenance, thermally efficient, weather and moisture resistant, and powder-coated with a durable long-lasting colour.