Garden Office Project

By 4th February 2020Advice, Structures

Is it time for you to radically revolutionise your garden space? Have you been thinking about cutting ties with the hustle and bustle of the daily commute and setting up a venture on your own? 2020 could be the year to get you inspired and excited about your garden office project.

We have a variety of options for your home garden office at Marston & Langinger that will suit any size garden and any style of landscaping.

Office Extension 

If you are limited with space and do not want to disrupt your existing garden landscaping then perhaps you should consider an extension to your home. The attached structure would increase your available space without being overly obtrusive in your garden and therefore increase your property value.

Separate yourself from domestic life whilst remaining in the comfort of your own home by having doors attached to the interior wall connecting the space to the rest of your house. This allows you to shut yourself away in those moments when you need to concentrate but not too far away from the kettle.

Small Garden Office 

Are you short on space but want to detach your work life with home life completely? A smaller freestanding double glazed structure might be appropriate for your garden office. A small outdoor office will be easy to heat and will add character to your garden as well as being an inspirational space for you to work from. Ditch the views of city skyscrapers, grey buildings, and sit amongst your beautiful garden, sipping coffee and catching up on your emails.

The beauty of having a garden room office is not only the flexibility that you have when it comes to work life but with large glass windows you will no longer be looking up from your desk to see another colleague opposite; instead you will be able to look out onto the serene surroundings of your garden.

Multi-functional Conservatory 

For those with a large space to erect a conservatory, this could be your opportunity to not only have your dream home office but transform it whenever you are entertaining guests into a function space. Whether it is an extension to your home or a free-standing building in the garden, a larger conservatory holds many possibilities.

If you work predominantly from home or are looking to invest in a home office to develop your business why not look into a double glazed structure? With light and airy spaces which retain the heat you could find yourself being far more productive than if you were to rent an office space with run-of-the-mill office furniture. Truly make the space your own with the accompaniment of contemporary desk solutions and plenty of plants.

Once the working day is over, and with working from home being far more flexible without a commute, your garden office can be turned into an entertainment space for your downtime. From hosting dinner parties to holding a weekend yoga class, or simply snuggling down with a good book, a double glazed garden structure will provide you with these possibilities.

If you are thinking about taking on a conservatory or garden office project, get inspired by downloading our brochure.