Interior Inspiration from Different Eras

By 8th April 2020Trends
Period Property Conservatory

When trying to weave your interior design scheme throughout your house you might not have considered how it will work in an extension of the home such as a conservatory; particularly with periodic homes it can be trial and error when it comes to including those traditional features.

We have got some useful tips for a variety of eras that will aid you in your design endeavours and can be applied to the exterior and interiors of your double glazed structure.

Medieval Properties

The Medieval Period conjures up images of beer swilling and rowdy debauchery along with grand festivities. The architecture that remains today reflects the social norms of the era. Typical Medieval features included exposed wooden beams, high ceilings and grand fireplaces with flagstone flooring. The majority of larger houses or castles had one room that people would use to cook, dine and relax in because of the heat from the fire. Incorporate this into smaller areas such as your conservatory with exposed wooden trinkets and furniture and a complementary stone floor. The key is to not adhere to uniformity; this can be achieved by using mismatched tiles for your flooring. Add warmth with the addition of a wood burner reminiscent of grand open fireplaces.

Tudor Properties

As we headed towards the Tudor period, stone was becoming more widely used although still more commonly in the houses of the elite and wealthy. Decorative brickwork to the external façade of a house was a popular occurrence amongst Tudor properties. If you have existing decorative brickwork that can be continued to the exterior of your double glazed extension, this will enhance periodic features.

Georgian Properties

With the Georgian period came elegance and symmetry, beautiful sash windows and a greater diversity in architectural design. Although these are structural features, introducing Georgian trends into the interior of your house is fairly simple and can be done with the furnishings rather than the structure itself. Bold rich colours complemented by dark mahogany furniture was commonly seen throughout the period. To add character include upholstered furnishings with faded floral pattern, eclectic lighting such as brass handled lamps with bright lampshades, and accessories such as vases and urns; all will affirm your Georgian theme.

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