A Guide to Conservatory Door Styles and Designs

By 27th April 2020Advice, Structures
Conservatory Bi-fold Doors

Often your garden room or conservatory design will help indicate what door style you should choose, but there are still a few factors you’ll need to decide on. As part of your home, you’ll want the look and design of the door to be just right, ensuring it blends with the surrounding architecture whilst still remaining practical. 

We’ve outlined some factors below to help give a little insight into what door you might decide to choose for you conservatory. 

Double Contemporary Conservatory Doors

Double Contemporary Conservatory Doors

Double or Single Conservatory Doors

The first thing you’ll want to decide on is whether you will choose double or single doors. This might be an obvious choice if you are limited on space but it’s always worth discussing and viewing the designs in person to get a feel for what will fit with the overall aesthetic. The benefit of having two doors will not only let more light and air in, but will also allow you to easily manoeuvre furniture around your home and garden.

Style of Doors

  • Contemporary Aluminium Conservatory door – This thermally broken door has a modern appearance where the glass sits almost flush within the aluminium frame. You can choose to add bespoke details such as a mid-rail or beading.
  • Traditional ‘Timber’ Style Door – Made from aluminium, this door has been designed to emulate the solidity of a traditional timber door. It is our most popular door due to its unique and non-commercial style. 
    Traditional Timber Style Door in Aluminium

    Traditional Timber Style Door

Customising Your Aluminium Door

When it comes to customising your door, there’s plenty of options to help you tailor it to your structure and fit in with the design of your home. We’ve listed below a handful of options: 

  • Solid ‘Kick panels’ are designed using insulated aluminium panels that sit at the bottom half of the door. They have a horizontal mid rail that divides the door in two, and you can choose whether to add beading to give a more traditional appearance. 
  • Glass ‘Kick panels’ are similar to solid kick panels where you have a horizontal mid rail that sits within the bottom half of the door. The door will be glazed using highly specified double-glazed units and can be furnished with additional beading details. 
  • Glass only is a more modern choice for your doors. It will provide you with a seamless connection from your conservatory to the outdoors. 

Bi-fold Doors

There are a number of alternative benefits to bi-fold doors. They can create a large open plan space, flooding your home with natural light and fresh air. You can choose from several options – our designers will help you decide on how many doors you want and the opening configuration. Just like our contemporary and timber style doors, you can customise with mid rails and beading.

Customised Door with beading

Customised Door with Beading

Door Thresholds

The threshold is the framework in which you walk over when entering through the door. We have two options when it comes to the door thresholds. Standard thresholds and low thresholds are available for all door styles.


We are often asked ‘Are conservatories secure?’ – Marston & Langinger conservatories and garden rooms are installed with multi-lever locking systems on the doors. We use euro cylinder locks to provide peace of mind.

If you’re thinking about a conservatory project and want to know more about door options and security, then please get in touch by calling us on 01243 214 550 or email enquiries@marstonandlanginger.com