Spring Joy in Your Conservatory

By 6th May 2020Advice
Glass and Aluminium conservatory surrounded by foliage

Is there anywhere better to find comfort during these difficult times than in your Marston & Langinger conservatory? Now is the moment to take advantage of your time and check on the well-being of your plants. 

Here is a little check list for you to ensure that your plants are as happy and healthy as they can be.

Conservatory Air Circulation

With it being hotter than April historically has been, ensure that you are ventilating your conservatory or garden room properly. Open vents and windows during the day to stop the room from over-heating. Make sure you close them back up when the sun goes down, this will keep all that heat in and it’s still quite cold throughout the night.

Protect Young Seedlings

Whilst you start to see the first signs of your seed sowing coming into fruition, it is important to take extra care with these delicate seedlings. The conservatory is a perfect place to germinate but you must make sure you keep them suitably shaded, too much sun and heat and they won’t make it to the garden for planting. If you don’t have appropriate blinds in place, place newspaper around your plants to give them shade. 

A variety of flowers and vegetables can be started off in your conservatory or garden room such as: Cucumbers, Tomatoes, and Marigolds, among other things. 


Take cuttings from geraniums and plectranthus – these will root easily at the moment. Cut the non-flowering shoot, dip it in rooting powder and place in a pot of multi-purpose compost. Cover the plectranthus with a plastic bag, but not the geranium and see how they flourish. 

Give a Little Boost

If your plants are in need of a little extra boost this month, top dress the pots with a bit of multi-purpose compost. This will ensure they are getting all the nutrients they need.

TOP TIP: If you’re growing any Amaryllis plants this year, give the bulbs several feeds of high potash fertiliser to build them up for next year’s flowering. When the leaves turn yellow, reduce your watering, dry off the plant, and put the pots on their sides.

Above all, appreciate the enjoyment and relaxation your conservatory or garden room provides you with during these uncertain times.