3 Questions Your Interior Designer Might Ask You

By 29th May 2020Advice
Preparing for an Interior Designer

If you are taking on a conservatory renovation project, or are just utilising the expertise of an Interior Designer for those indoor spaces, it’s easy to get caught up in what we might ask them and how we can get the most out of their ‘vision’. What we sometimes fail to think about is what our Interior Designer will ask us?

Like any room in the house, your conservatory or garden room is a personal space and your designer will want to understand your preferences before they take on the project. It’s important to have the answers to those inevitable questions.

We’ve collected some ideas you might want to consider when discussing your garden room design project.

1. What do you love in this room?

This is a key indicator that the designer is interested in what YOU want. Some things you might want to consider are:

  • Key focal points such as ornaments and furniture
  • The lighting, how does it make you feel and could it be improved?
  • The orientation of the room, are you happy with it?

2. How do you currently/ want to use this space?

This is especially important for an extension such as a conservatory or garden room as it does not have to match the ambience or aesthetic of the rest of your property.

  • What sort of environment and feeling do you want to create?
  • What colours do you associate with that feeling?
  • Is it important to you that there is a continuous theme throughout your property or do you like stark contrast?

3. Will it be an entertaining space or for private use?

Many of our clients choose to extend their homes with the notion that the conservatory will become the entertainment hub of the household. Will you be wining and dining guests, or will it be a relaxed cosy atmosphere to share a cup of tea with a friend?

  • Are you going to need space for a dining table and chairs?
  • Do you want multi-functional seating such as shabby chic benching, or cosy armchairs?
  • Consider your shading options for your garden room or conservatory to keep the room cool during those hotter months and keep it inviting in the colder evenings.

How can you prepare before meeting your Interior Designer?

If you want gather inspiration for your project before meeting you Interior Designer, why not take a look at Pinterest or Houzz – there’s a whole range of projects and home interiors that others have created which will help you get a feel for your style.