Orangery Inspiration

By 26th August 2020Structures
Orangery Inspiration

If you are thinking about extending your home but don’t want to commit to a fully glazed conservatory, an orangery could be the ideal solution. Orangeries enhance your home and allow you to introduce more natural light into the ground floor.

  1. You can use an orangery as a second lounge for reading and relaxing, immersing yourself in natural light. The placement of the orangery is just as important; by opting for a structure that nestles into your garden, you will start to feel harmonious with the surroundings of your property. Creating synergy between outdoors and inside.
    Relaxing Orangery Lounge
  2. Create an entertaining space with a dining table and sofas. Providing room to transition between formal dining and relaxed entertaining.
    Orangery Dining Room Extension
  3. Incorporate bifold windows into your orangery design to emphasise your sense of space. By opening up the dining room to accommodate the outdoors, you build the impression of dining al fresco, perfect for a hot summers day.
    Kitchen Orangery Extension with bifold windows
  4. Double doors that open out onto the patio have a similar effect as bifolds but provide a more traditional, rather than contemporary feel, that is in keeping with the property. Add simplistic and neutral furniture which allows the eye to be drawn from the interior through to the outdoors.
    Double Patio Doors in an Orangery

Designed to combine brickwork and glass, an orangery adds character to your property with generous windows and a roof lantern feature. Find out more about our orangeries here.