Design and engineering

We have combined our passion for fine design, gardens and architecture with the strengths and experience of Alitex Manufacturing, the market-leading makers of beautiful aluminium greenhouses, to produce beautiful aluminium garden rooms.

We take all that the latest that high-technology materials has to offer while remaining true to our heritage of classic design and detailed workmanship.

The company’s founder, Peter Marston, enjoyed an international reputation for fine interior design and a passion for gardens and architecture. At the forefront of a garden room renaissance in the 1970s, his goal was to give customers a bespoke home extension with an extra dimension.

The beauty of aluminium

Marston & Langinger’s reputation was founded upon high-quality wooden structures. Today, we create the same beautiful designs using aluminium. We are the first to admit that traditional wooden conservatories look beautiful but they do come with compromise.

Using our Alitex Manufacturing heritage, we have invested heavily in achieving the look of a traditional wooden structure but with aluminium. We have pioneered the use of this material because of its undisputed durability. A standard timber guarantee will be around 10 years, with regular maintenance required. We offer a minimum 25 year guarantee on our aluminium structures. The only regular maintenance you will need to undertake will be to clean the structure as required.

By nature, aluminium is incredibly light yet it has a high strength to weight ratio, allowing us to use more glass and make the most of the natural light available in your garden room, with less obstruction to the outside views. You may have noticed manufacturers of wooden conservatories are increasingly using aluminium to support their structures which is testament to the superiority of aluminium; recognising its capabilities in a design and reduced maintenance which you would always have to factor in as a cost for wooden structures.  Under Alitex Manufacturing, our greenhouses which we have been producing in aluminium for over 60 years, are still standing tall today.

We are offering the best of both worlds. Our aluminium structures remove the need for costly maintenance and repainting with no compromise on a beautiful finish with the finest detail.

Intelligent garden room design and engineering

Our garden room designers use the latest 3D computer design software to construct your garden room virtually, prior to manufacture.

This gives you a clear overview of your project, highlighting any possible problems that can be ironed out at an early stage.

Computer-aided analysis tools also allow your garden room to be designed in accordance with relevant wind and snow loading regulations, British materials standards and engineered to minimise heat loss.


Each of our structures originates with a unique design, tailored for its specific surroundings. If you are planning on creating a large kitchen extension or a smaller garden room for relaxation, take a look through our gallery and find inspiration from our showcase of styles and features that span any taste and style, from traditional to contemporary.



Marston & Langinger can offer whatever you want from a wide spectrum of colours, from classic shades of white through to muted greens, greys and browns, inspired by our home set in the South Downs. Your choice is almost limitless.



You’re thinking of embarking on a major project so you will have lots of questions about garden rooms and building regulations. Here are some of the most common questions that our customers ask.