Messenger Greenhouse

Inspired by the great Victorian engineer Thomas Messenger, our structures authentically replicate the classic timber look created by our Victorian forefathers. As part of our range, we offer the ‘Messenger’ look as a single glazed glasshouse structure purposefully designed for growing with a beautiful structural wood look, inside and out.

We developed the Messenger single glazed system in response to the demand for a wood look inside the greenhouse as well as outside. This is especially pertinent for listed properties and heritage sites. It has become an increasingly popular choice for many just looking to replicate the traditional Victorian timber look.

Our double glazed structures are designed for you to live in all year round. Our single glazed Messenger greenhouse is designed for optimum plant growing  throughout the seasons.

If you are unsure of what type of structure would be right for you, our experienced sales designers can advise you.


Each of our structures originates with a unique design, tailored for its specific surroundings. If you are planning on creating a large kitchen extension or a smaller garden room for relaxation, take a look through our gallery and find inspiration from our showcase of styles and features that span any taste and style, from traditional to contemporary.



Marston & Langinger can offer whatever you want from a wide spectrum of colours, from classic shades of white through to muted greens, greys and browns, inspired by our home set in the South Downs. Your choice is almost limitless.



You’re thinking of embarking on a major project so you will have lots of questions about garden rooms and building regulations. Here are some of the most common questions that our customers ask.