Home to an award winning swimming pool

 Colour: Wood Sage Ral 7032 Size: 4m x 6m approx

Our luxury conservatories and garden rooms often reside in the most beautiful grounds across the UK, but it’s not every day we build a home for an award winning swimming pool.

This project was a new challenge for us and with the property being listed as well as situated in a conservation area, it was an exciting one to take on.

The conservatory that sits comfortably in a quiet corner of the garden, has turned what used to be an old shrub border into a tranquil, private escape. The new structure was designed to complement the Grade II listed property and its unique surroundings within the South Downs National Park. We worked closely with the authorities and Historic Environmental Officer to obtain planning permission. The final 3/4 span design is compact, stretching just 4m x 6m, it has a neutral roof line with small cresting detail that complements the age of the house and inside fits a 14ft indoor swimming pool.

Not long after the build was finished, the UK Pool & Spa awards recognised the installation awarding the Endless Pools dealer ‘Home Counties Pools’ with a silver medal in the ‘Best Indoor Pool’ category. The indoor pool allows the user to swim against a variable speed – hydraulic current, offering the ability and opportunity to swim at home, whilst saving space and costing  less than the typical indoor pool installation.

This new addition to the client’s home, scatted with hanging copper fish, is so much more than just a pool. It has created an area that the whole family can use; the grandchildren can perfect their ‘free-style’ and the water-loving adults can enjoy their private exercise spot.