Rebuilding history in a listed garden

 Colour: Downland Stone BS10 B15 Size: 17m x 3.4m approx

Our Hampshire based client wanted to replace their existing timber greenhouse with an exact replica in aluminium. Along with this, they wanted to complement the new structure with a glasshouse style conservatory.

As this property was a Grade II listed building in a conservation area, planning permission was required. Once this was sought, the design process began. Our conservatory designers worked with Alitex greenhouse designers to create a seamless structure that complimented the style of the property.

The end result is a potting shed and greenhouse to either side of the conservatory which is a total of 17 metres long and 4.5 metres wide (including the lobby). The design of the conservatory needed to mirror the lower eaves feature of the traditional Victorian greenhouse.

The conservatory is the central feature of this unique series of structures and to echo that, a 3 metre wide central lobby was designed opening out onto the garden.

The potting shed includes Marston & Langinger windows, doors and guttering – all in low maintenance aluminium.

The new replacement now offers a genuine environment for work, rest and play!