Designed to blend with the Victorian School

 Colour: Wood Sage Ral 7032 Size: 5.3m x 4.8m approx

Owning a Victorian property meant our client required a conservatory that would blend and complement the style of the house. They wanted the new addition to be low maintenance and durable.

After seeing an article in English Home magazine, our client got in touch about their prospective project. After a visit from one of our experienced sales designers, they knew they wanted to go ahead.

The house sits at the foot of a field, surrounded by rolling countryside. The design of the structure mirrors the roofs of the converted Victorian school. The inside walls have been left unplastered, to reveal the brick wall, giving the space more interest.

The conservatory was installed, with only a few details to be finalised, in time for the Christmas tree to be placed inside along with six deck chairs and six Christmas stockings. Throughout the seasons it provides a calm, light and spacious environment overlooking the fields.

Inside the conservatory has now been furnished with comfortable seating allowing the client to enjoy the space throughout all times of the day. No blinds means it provides the perfect spot for star gazing. Our customer also enjoys listening to the rain and watching the wildlife.