Transforming the living space

 Colour: Wood Sage Ral 7032 Size: 6m x 4m approx

Our client’s initial research for their new conservatory led them to consider a wooden structure. However, what secured their vision was the clean, crisp finish that comes with a Marston & Langinger aluminium design.

Our clients wanted a conservatory that would increase their living space and provide room for large family gatherings. The conservatory has transformed the client’s living space and has become a central feature for entertaining and relaxing. The chosen colour of wood sage compliments the olive green features weaved throughout the existing exterior finishing of the client’s house, yet it remains its own elegant building, letting in plenty of light to the adjoining sitting room. An ideal setting for these warmer months, the double glazed structure is also used frequently all year round allowing our clients to make the most out of the stunning vistas their property leads onto.

The primary purpose of extending and maximising their space also provided our clients with a place in which to enjoy the scenic views of the surrounding countryside.  The courtyard that the structure sits on was repurposed and reconfigured to incorporate the conservatory but it was essential that this did not disturb the aesthetics of the garden. Facing endless corn fields, the conservatory sits nestled behind an almost symmetrical series of flower beds that are abundant with hydrangeas and catmint, enticing a large array of butterflies and bumble bees.

From their initial idea to the design and instalment, our clients are delighted with their Marston & Langinger conservatory and continue to enjoy the serene surroundings with the rest of their family.

“This conservatory has provided us with views we never experienced before.”