A bright, airy and spacious reading room

 Colour: Wood Sage Ral 7032 Size: 6.6m x 6.6m approx

After getting several quotes for a conservatory, our customer was confident Marston & Langinger were the right choice for her and the project. She knew from the beginning it wasn’t going to be simple but we produced several designs that allowed her to choose the one she felt fitted perfectly with her home.

The luxury conservatory sits beautifully into the corner of the house and by using aluminium, the upkeep is effortless – it is durable and virtually maintenance free, meaning our customer isn’t worried about the drawbacks that some materials can endure.

It has been built into the ‘L-Shape’ of the house, yet with its unique pyramid roof design it allows in plenty of light, creating a natural and peaceful atmosphere. It is bright, airy and spacious, used for relaxing, entertaining, reading and everything in between.

Our customer expressed that everyone who walks into the kitchen always comments on how amazing and natural it looks. The soft, muted furnishings allow it to blend naturally from the indoors looking out into her beautiful garden. The interior design was done by Jo Shore Ltd, a talented passion for creating beautiful and unique interior design for luxury living. We recommend you follow her Instagram account @thejoshore for more beautiful interior inspiration.

“I absolutely love it. It provides an indoor, outdoor atmosphere. I’m impressed with your company generally – I’ve already recommended you to friends.”