Refreshing and uplifting

 Colour: Downland Stone Size: 5.9m x 19.2m approx

Bowcliffe Hall in Yorkshire, required a new space that could host afternoon tea parties, relaxing luncheons and wine tastings, or simply provide a stunning location for private meetings.

‘The Potting Shed’ is a stylish aluminium conservatory built within a sunny spot at Bowcliffe, close to their award-winning Blackburn wing, one of the world’s most glamourous tree-houses. The structure has a large 3/4 span providing the perfect venue for both people and plants.

During the design process, we found the use of partitions perfect for adapting the structure to make it suitable for dining and growing. The central and west wing are double glazed and used for accommodating guests. Whilst the east wing, built using our Thomas Messenger glasshouse system, is single glazed for growing kitchen vegetables and herbs.

“A refreshing and uplifting space, The Potting Shed provides us with the perfect venue. The anti-glare ceiling blinds deflect sunlight and heat without compromising the light and airy atmosphere.”