Whether you favour traditional or contemporary design, your Marston & Langinger aluminium conservatory should enhance your living environment; creating a new space for you to enjoy and form a seamless transition between your garden and house.

We describe a conservatory as a fully glazed structure, where the glass roof meets the glazed side elevations. A conservatory is more than just an extension, it’s a way of transforming your home and creating a unique environment that can be tailored to exactly how you want to use it. Beyond the traditional sunroom, you can use your space as a separate entertaining area, a dining room to wow guests or even a home office.

Luxury Conservatory From Marston and Langinger

Types of Conservatories

Your conservatory will be designed with you and your home in mind. You may want the structure to be in-keeping with period property features, or you may want a contemporary conservatory that complements a newly built home. No matter what you choose, our in-house design team have experience in creating a wide range of structures for a variety of property aesthetics.

Another area to consider is the type of conservatory. Listed below are a number of the different options available:

  • Single Hipped Conservatory – this is where the roof cuts in at an angle from the side elevation to the highest point of the structure.
  • Double Hipped Conservatory – emulating the conventional roof structure of a house with four pitched areas that meet at the central ridge.
  • Lean-to Conservatory – this is where the roof slopes off from the wall without adding height to the overall structure. Ideal if you are restricted on height or live in a bungalow.
  • Gable-End Conservatory – similar to the end of a house, a gable-end conservatory sits upright to the tip of the roof, often compared to the original Georgian conservatory.
  • Faceted Conservatory – almost a curve as it protrudes from the house, this style can have up to 3 or 5 sides at the ‘front’ of the structure.
  • Link Conservatory – connecting two separate spaces or buildings using a glazed glass structure, a link conservatory provides ease of access without having to face the elements when moving from one room to the other. Whilst linking two buildings, it can also serve to connect the garden with the home, creating a stunning vista inside and out.

Once you’ve chosen your desired style, you will then want to consider whether the conservatory sits on a dwarf wall, which can contribute to keeping the structure warm, or you may choose to have it fully glazed – ideal for contemporary designs. If you want more information about the styles and designs, we recommend you view our case study pages. You can also request a visit from one of our design team, where they will discuss all of these possibilities with you.

Details and Features of our Conservatories

  • Aluminium – We use slender thermal break aluminium profiles, which accommodate the double glazed units. The thermal break is efficient in preventing heat loss and condensation, due to the external profile not being directly linked with the internal profile. We powder-coat our aluminium to create a durable and long-lasting colour finish.
  • Glass – In most cases, we use low-e glass in our double-glazing to maximise the sun’s efficiency. There are other types of glass available such as solar control glass which we may recommend due to specialist environments or situations.
  • Configuration – You can choose from a number of different configurations to construct your conservatory such as incorporating bifold windows and double doors. We offer incredible flexibility on design, discuss in detail with our designers on 01243 214550.
  • Marston & Langinger Warranty – We offer a lifetime guarantee on the aluminium of your conservatory and a 10-year warranty on the paint and double glazing units. For full detailed terms and conditions, please contact a member of the team.
Beautiful Conservatory

Conservatory Colour Choices

Are you creating a room with a view or a structure to remain the focus of your property? These will undoubtedly effect your colour choices. Soft subtle colours allow the eye to drift into the view beyond, whereas brighter and bolder colours such as white can be strong and stark, holding your attention on the structure itself.

Another consideration, which you may not have thought of, is the possibility of dual colour where you can choose a different colour for your internal and external frame, to match your interior décor whilst maintaining a separate external aesthetic.

View your colour choices here.

Does a Conservatory Require Planning Permission?

Sometimes you may need to obtain planning permission for your conservatory structure. If you are unsure about whether you need planning for your conservatory, you can find out more via the Planning Portal. We also offer a comprehensive planning service, which you can read about here.

Building your Marston & Langinger Conservatory

Our team of skilled craftsmen are at the heart of our ability to build anything from a small roof light, to impressive garden room structures. The factory team possess a keen eye for detail and have a thorough understanding of the materials we use. We are particularly proud of our factory and continue to improve every aspect of our production processes, equipment and training to ensure that your structure is designed and built to the highest standard. You can visit our factory and show site to gain a clear understanding of the level of detail that goes into creating your conservatory.

When it comes to installation your structure, we have an experienced team that will deliver and erect your structure. This is part of the Marston & Langinger process and allows us to offer our lifetime guarantee with confidence.

Conservatory Inspiration

You can gather inspiration for your own conservatory design by looking at our case studies – there you’ll find a range of styles, colours and sizes to influence your own project.

Clean and bright conservatory


We have combined our passion for fine design, gardens and architecture with the strengths and experience of Alitex Manufacturing, the market-leading makers of beautiful aluminium greenhouses, to produce beautiful garden rooms in aluminium.


Choosing a Colour

Marston & Langinger can offer whatever you want from a wide spectrum of colours, from classic shades of white through to muted greens, greys and browns, inspired by our home set in the South Downs. Your choice is almost limitless.



You’re thinking of embarking on a major project so you will have lots of questions about garden rooms and building regulations. Here are some of the most common questions that our customers ask.