Traditionally, orangeries are south-facing structures with a series of full length windows set in a brick elevation. The rear north-facing wall should be thick, to protect the room from the cold, and a glazed roof adds more light and ventilation as well as giving a traditional architectural look to the new structure.

Our designs are bespoke and we will always consider the architectural heritage of an orangery building, as well as the style of your property, to ensure the end result perfectly complements you and your home.

A quick history lesson

Portuguese traders first introduced the sweet orange to Europe in the 14th century and they became so popular that aristocrats and kings wanted to grow their own orange trees. Orangeries soon evolved to house growing collections of these tender plants, and became a must-have in any stately home.


We have combined our passion for fine design, gardens and architecture with the strengths and experience of Alitex Manufacturing, the market-leading makers of beautiful aluminium greenhouses, to produce beautiful garden rooms in aluminium.


Choosing a Colour

Marston & Langinger can offer whatever you want from a wide spectrum of colours, from classic shades of white through to muted greens, greys and browns, inspired by our home set in the South Downs. Your choice is almost limitless.



You’re thinking of embarking on a major project so you will have lots of questions about garden rooms and building regulations. Here are some of the most common questions that our customers ask.