A Replication Glasshouse for Fulham Palace Gardens

Fulham Palace Glasshouse
Fulham Palace Curved Glasshouse
Fulham Palace Glasshouse Lobbyl
Fulham Palace Glasshouse Fulham Palace Curved Glasshouse Fulham Palace Glasshouse Lobbyl

Colour: Satin RAL 9002
Size: 31m x 4.7m

Fulham Palace Gardens wanted to replace a historic Victorian glasshouse with an aluminium replica, designed to harmonise with the curvature of the existing wall.

Situated in the Tudor walled garden at Fulham Palace, the glasshouse would need to complement the surrounding plantings, rare trees and botanicals. The design of the structure itself needed to consider elements such as walkways and thoroughfare, whilst creating a space within the central lobby that could host guests for any events.

The main focus of the glasshouse project was the existing curved wall. This grand arc encapsulated the gardens and needed to accommodate the glass roof that would come to sit snugly against it, creating a seamless join.

With any project that we are asked to undertake, any original timber elements must be removed as they compromise the structural integrity of our aluminium glasshouses. During the design process, our engineering team will ensure that all components are rigorously tested, to ensure the manufacturing and installation is seamless.

With years of experience working on sensitive sites, with very specific requirements, Marston & Langinger by Alitex were able to produce a beautiful modern technological feat. We utilised our own professionals to overcome structural complexities and to determine not only the integrity of the glasshouse, but to retain the traditional Victorian aesthetic of the previous structure.

For more information on Fulham Palace Walled Gardens in London visit: www.fulhampalace.org

“We needed to restore what was marvellous about the Gardens and the glasshouse, with reference to what went before but with the benefits of modern thinking and technology. Alitex have done exactly that with the glasshouse structure.”
Lucy Hart, Head Gardener at Fulham Palace Gardens

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