Conservatory Cleaning Service

The beauty of our aluminium conservatories is that they don’t rot or warp with age and they won’t require any re-painting. We simply recommend a regular clean to keep them looking their best.

We offer an annual cleaning and maintenance service. We use the best cleaning products and techniques, and are able to access all areas of the roof which can be difficult and even dangerous to reach. It is important to ensure that your conservatory is cleaned and maintained regularly to increase its life span and allow many years of enjoyment.

What our conservatory clean includes

  • The aluminium and glass is cleaned using a mild biodegradable lifting agent and hot water using a low pressure jet wash externally. The structure is then rinsed off with cold distilled water (to prevent any limescale deposits). Internally the structure is cleaned by hand. It is important to note that the internal areas of the conservatory should be cleared of all furniture, or have furniture securely covered to protect them from cleaning fluids, and remove any plants prior to our team commencing work.
    N.B. Removal of lime scale caused by internal and external watering systems is not included in this specification.
  • All gutters and valleys will be cleaned out and downpipes checked for blockages.
  • Heating duct grids lifted and heating duct cleaned out where applicable.

The conservatory maintenance servicing includes

All moving parts will be checked and lubricated. This applies to auto vent opener pivots and adjusters, handles, door hinges and locks.

What you need to prepare for your clean & service

  • Please ensure your conservatory is clear before we arrive on site, or furniture is protected as mentioned above.
  • We need access to a 13-amp power socket
  • We also require access to a cold water supply

Please enquire for a price, as each conservatory can vary so much we quote each clean and service individually. Please contact or call us on 01243 214 550.

Conservatory Cleaning Service