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We have worked with a multitude of individuals and businesses over the years, priding ourselves in collaborating and executing your project to the highest standard. Below we have outlined how we do this and the services we offer.

The Design Process

Our team of skilled Design Engineers and Structural Architects, have years of experience working on large bespoke glasshouses for public and private sites. Using innovative design solutions and the latest 3D computer-aided design software, they can create a virtual structure prior to manufacture – view the process of how we bring your structure to life below.

The Design Process | Marston & Langinger Garden Rooms*Computer-aided design – we also use computer-aided analysis tools to identify local environment conditions. This means that your glasshouse is designed in accordance with British materials standards, relevant wind and snow loading regulations.

Design & Engineering Service

This is a service we offer and recommend for the larger more complex structures, which fall outside of our standard engineering requirements. This service allows the design to proceed when not all the final engineering details and or aesthetics and budgets of the structure are fully understood.

Contract Design Services

Stage 1 – Preparation of a basis of design

This establishes the local site conditions and wind or snow loads and submits a ‘Basis of Design’ based on an understanding of Marston & Langinger by Alitex and our ability to meet the guidelines. This document is sent to the individual responsible for satisfying the building department directives, including masonry and foundation details. Once approval for the Basis of Design is received, the process can move onto stage 2.

Stage 2 – Initial design of portal frame and basic loadings of the structure

This process engages the engineering team to determine the basic portal frame. This allows the engineers to consider the relevant fixing and loading points to masonry elements and to the supporting structure. In addition, this also starts the process of identifying structural member sizes, bracings, member location and their general interaction with the glazed framing. One of the outcomes of this process is to produce detailed calculations of loadings to the walls and sub base, to enable the client’s local engineer to consider the foundation and wall detail required.

Stage 3 – To submit final ground plan

Once the above two stages are complete, the full and final ground plan is produced. You will receive detailed drawings that clearly identify how the structural framing interacts with the glazed framing and how the overall aesthetics of the structure will look. However, at this provisional stage it does not necessarily identify one off bespoke items in detail but is produced in association with the client to work up a satisfactory provisional design.

At this point the design should be complete to start the tendering process, confirm final budgets both for the glass and aluminium and the building works. A comprehensive schedule with key dates established and agreed. The client can then proceed to placing an order and the structure will be added to the manufacturing and installation schedule.

Planning Services

Planning Permission Service

Choosing your perfect glasshouse is an exciting process; from the design consultation through to deciding on those all-important features, we are here to make the process as smooth as possible.

When it comes to starting your project, we understand that all the planning and regulation requirements can appear daunting. We offer a comprehensive in-house planning application service and can submit an application on your behalf. We work with your local authority and will keep you informed every step of the way as we monitor the progress of your application.

Alternatively, your chosen architect may be undertaking the planning application for the proposed works, especially if there are other alterations included. Either way we are able to assist with the design of the structure, including the technical aspects. In addition, our design team can share section details, images and provide details of other similar projects which have been successful in sensitive sites or for other listed buildings.

We have many years’ experience in planning applications throughout the country, working with numerous local authorities. We have a success rate of over 95% on our applications – which means we take the stress out of your project so you can enjoy making all those important decisions. Please feel free to contact us regarding our Marston & Langinger by Alitex Planning Service.